Structured Cabling

Structured cabling is the established method to transfer data and other high speed signalling around commercial, industrial, office and home environments.

Copper Cabling

A network permanent link infrastructure consists of Category 5E or Category 6 and more recently Category 6A cabling.

Each cable is made up of four twisted pairs to eliminate crosstalk enabling staggering data transfer speed of up to 10 GigaBit per second. To achieve these speeds, high quality copper cable and matching terminations are crucial. Poor grade cable, bad terminations, mis-matches and copper impurities can all cause interference within the cabling system causing erratic data transfer, which in turn slows the network.

Along with technical certification and testing DataLAN believe in finding discreet cable routes to achieve an aesthetically pleasing installation.

DataLAN get it right first time.

Existing Issues

DataLAN can trace unidentified cables; locate any damage, test and repair. We can test cables to the EIA/TIA 568 standards for Cat5E, Cat6 & Cat6A.

Network Health Checks

DataLAN engineers can carry out network and cable health checks on your existing network to ascertain if it is compliant with the industry standards. Non compliant cabling can seriously affect the performance of the network infrastructure.

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Hellermann Tyton 25 year Manufacturer's Warranty

The Hellermann Tyton warranty assures that the network will continue to operate, be compliant with cabling standards and support applications and protocols that have been designed and tested to operate with the appropriate cabling specification.

Please click here for more information regarding the Hellermann Tyton 25 year warranty.

The Hellermann Tyton Network Sciences warranty is available for any network installation that uses exclusively Hellermann Tyton products throughout and has been installed by a Hellermann Tyton Network Sciences approved installer. DataLAN are approved Hellermann Tyton installers.

View our HellermannTyton Approved System Installer Certificate

View our HellermannTyton Approved System Installer Certificate

Professionally Installed and Discreet Structured Cabling Installations

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