Structured Cabling


Structured cabling is currently accepted as the preferred method to transfer data and other information around commercial, industrial, office and home environments.


The infrastructure usually consists of Category 5E or Category 6 cable, This cable is made up of four twisted pairs enabling speed of up to a GigaBit per second data transfer. These pair are carefully 'balanced' to ensure acceptable high frequency performance up to 200 Mhz.


The cables are routed in a 'star' configuration from a central hub, comms cabinet or patch panel to the areas where the service is required and terminated with RJ45 data outlets.


With the addition of dedicated 'active' equipment and various connecting cables, the structured cabling is now capable of carrying network data, telephone signals, CCTV images, video conferencing data and music.


Structured cabling is one infrastructure, numerous applications.


Once installed the cabling is tested to industry standards to ensure correct continuity, identify split pairs, check for minimal attenuation as well as near end, powersum and alien crosstalk.


Crosstalk is interference that causes spikes with data packets, often resulting in degradation of the network performance and in the worst case network failure, which is often incorrectly attributed to the installed active equipment.


Correct installation practice and accurate testing is crucial to network reliability and performance.

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