Network Health Checks

We can check that your network is compliant and is performing as it shoud be...

Is your network compliant with the cabling industry standards?

The original installer should have certified the network cabling with an industry compliant tester such as the Fluke DTX or DSX cable analyser and issued a report. This testing is essential in proving the cabling was correctly installed and also exceeds the industry EIA/TIA 568 standards, ensuring network compliance, excellent speeds and overall reliability.

The most common problems encountered with structured cabling are wire map, split pairs, return loss, crosstalk, and insertion loss, mainly the result of sub-standard cable, inferior components and poor termination.

These issues can only be identified with a dedicated network cable analyser. DataLAN use Fluke network analysers as we believe they are the best on the market. The Fluke has the capability to highlight any cable issues and effectively ‘look down’ the cable using the inbuilt high definition Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) to search for return loss and crosstalk issues. This TDR function can precisely pinpoint the failure within the permanent link.

Does your network pass the industry standards certification test?

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network health checks and cabling health checks in cornwall and the south west

We have the expertise and specialist equipment to trace, diagnose and repair network cabling.

Network & Cabling Health Checks

We can check your data network for faults, performance and compliance

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