dataLAN was established in 1985 by Peter Mills, a computer mainframe systems engineer with years of experience with IBM, Control Data, Honeywell and Rank Xerox Data Systems, ending up as Engineering Maintenance Manager at Comshare.


As these dinosaur mainframes evolved, moving into the specialised world of mass computing and being locked away in colossal data centres the Personal Computer was born. Pete realised the growing demand for networking PCs in offices, hospitals, factories and eventually the home as the World Wide Web consumed the planet.


Initially dataLAN started installing networks, following the trends through RS232, IBM Type1 Token Ring, Coaxial Ethernet, Cat3 and progressing on to today’s high speed Cat5e, Cat6 and Fibre Optic LANs.


This wealth of experience in the networking field means you can have confidence in dataLAN to design, install and test network cabling to industry standards for complete peace of mind.


dataLAN are accredited with installer status from some of the cabling manufacturing leaders in the industry such as Hellermann Tyton, Brand Rex, Fusion and Excel cable manufacturers and offer their 25 year guarantee.

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